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Meat Wave / Punk Rock – Interview

In the middle of a vegan industry there’s nothing better than Meat Wave to make us drool. Chicago represented in the best way by a band that masters the subtle art of quality punk rock.

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Hello to you, Rock fan of all genres !

You know all the classics like the back of your eyelids, yet no longer is that enough. You want to know what’s going on today, well, don’t move because you’ve come to the right place.

Here we leave the grandpas of Rock to their naps, our goal is to put forward the actual scene, the one that continues to get people bouncing despite staying hidden behind the scenes.

And since Rock has as many formes as fans addicted to beer, no jealous, there’s something for every taste here. So subscribe, turn up the volume, and enjoy !

And if you want more, all of this is for you :

*L’Annu’R Du Rock : Video Youtube – Interview : Meat Wave*

Latest Posts


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