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Ronnie James Dio – Interview about the Holy Diver’s album (2005)

00:00 1. Was having your own band something you always intended to do, or was it more a reaction to the circumstances with Black Sabbath?
04:25 2. Did you ask Black Sabbath’s drummer at the time, Vinny Appice, to leave the Sabbath ranks and join with you?
06:42 3. Is it true that Vinny and yourself travelled to London to seek out a guitarist?
09:55 4. Was there any thought of continuing to work in London rather than returning to Los Angeles?
10:27 5. You left Sabbath late ’82 and the ‘Holy Diver’ album was released mid ’83, so it all came together pretty quickly…
11:16 6. Was any of the material on this album written whilst you were a member of Black Sabbath?
12:12 7. Was there an overall concept for the lyrics and the visuals?
14:20 8. You produced the album yourself – was that because you wanted to take control in the studio or was it simply impossible to schedule a producer in the time frame required?
17:03 9. What about the tracks themselves? What particular memories do you have?
33:23 10. The artwork for the album seemed to cause almost as much of a stir as the music. What was the thinking behind the sleeve design?

Exclusive Ronnie James Dio Audio Interview (2005).

Taken from the 2005 remastered version of the album.
Interview conducted by Paul Suter at Ronnie’s home studio (Los Angeles, California) in July 2005.
All questions printed in the booklet.

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