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Mike Banks, Carola Stoiber & Dimitri Hegemann on Detroit and Techno | Red Bull Music Academy

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After inviting “Mad” Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, founders of the collective and label Underground Resistance, to play at Tresor, they developed a close relationship with the Detroit artists. Eventually, in 1991, Underground Resistance’s “X-101” became the first release on Tresor Records, the label later managed and A&Red by Carola Stoiber.

Long-time cultural collaborators “Mad” Mike Banks, Dimitri Hegemann and Carola Stoiber talked about the special connection between Berlin and Detroit, the importance of local scenes for city development and what Detroit can learn from Berlin today in this very special lecture at RBMA Berlin 2018.

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When trying to explain how Berlin developed from a cultural wasteland into a flourishing techno hotspot just a couple of years after the fall of the Wall, the “Berlin-Detroit Axis” is often invoked. Truly, Berlin’s scene wouldn’t be what it is today if not for the creative exchange between a few forward-thinking figures on both sides of the Atlantic. On the Berlin side were early techno enthusiasts Dimitri Hegemann and Carola Stoiber, who together with Achim Kohlberger founded UFO, Berlin’s first acid house club, in the late ’80s.
In 1991, Hegemann then opened Tresor, a club that would significantly contribute to the modern aesthetics of techno. Both Hegemann and Stoiber had been inspired by the raw sound that developed during the ’80s in Detroit, a city facing massive structural change after ongoing de-industrialization. Drawing parallels with the newly reunited city of Berlin, which at the time had hardly any infrastructure at all, they felt their city would be uniquely receptive to Detroit’s utopian techno sound.

12:48 – “Mad” Mike Banks on UR’s mission to show the real Detroit
32:08 – Carola Stoiber on meeting UR in NYC
41:31 – “Mad” Mike Banks on the value of independent culture
1:11:00 – Dimitri Hegemann on how techno influenced urban development
1:18:05 – Dimitri Hegemann on the Happy Locals initiative
1:22:57 – “Mad” Mike Banks on James Stinson and Drexciya

1:02 – Medley – “38 Years of Techno From Around the World”
36:37 – X-101 – “Sonic Destroyer”
1:23:14 – Drexciya – “Aqua Worm Hole”
1:44:14 – Davina – “Don’t You Want It”

12:13 – Detroit news report about a fire at an after-hours
51:00 – The B-52’s – “Rock Lobster”
1:17:52 – Video about the Happy Locals initiative
1:42:40 – Galaxy 2 Galaxy – “Hi-Tech Jazz” (live)

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