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Ronnie James Dio interview with Mark Kadzielawa 1994

This is the infamous and brutally honest interview with Ronnie James Dio on the tour bus. Presented here for your enjoyment, completely uncut, including all the loose talk, mistakes, and all. At the time of the interview Ronnie James Dio was promoting Strange Highways record, but still very fresh off the Black Sabbath’s recent reunion. The reunion did not end well, and the feelings were hurt. Luckily and happily Ronnie James Dio was able to make up with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, and come back as Heaven & Hell. Here however nothing looked like such project would be possible anytime soon. This document has to be enjoyed for what it is. This is one of many interviews I did with Ronnie, and we’ve always enjoyed a very good rapport and trust. He was one of kind person, and there simply isn’t anyone like him. Not only was he an amazing performer but a humble human being with very strong convictions and values. His body of work speaks for itself and will never be forgotten.

The interview took place in Chicago on the tour bus, right outside The Riviera Theater on June 5, 1994. The interview was conducted by Mark Kadzielawa, and filming by Doug Geyer. The interview was filmed for a local cable access show called Mind Melt. This version is completely uncut and unedited.

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