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Top 10 Interview Mistakes MOST People Make (& How To Fix Them)

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Nail Your Job Interview

1. DO NOT be late! Do a dry run the day before your interview.
2. Don’t forget to your research on the company before your interview — understand the organization and corporate culture
3. Don’t be too sexy with your grooming — subdued hair style, piercings out, facial hair clean shaven.
4. Don’t wear the wrong ensemble — Don’t wear super stylish clothing. You need to wear a fitted basic white / light blue / subtle pattern button up shirt. Never wear jeans; instead, wear khakis or gray slacks. If wearing a suit, opt for charcoal gray or navy blue. Never wear sneakers; opts for loafers or lace-ups. Also, don’t wear double monks as they are too stylized & fashion-forward for an interview.
5. Don’t overdo your cologne — one squirt only!
6. Wear a watch — it sends a signal that you are reliable.
7. Don’t lie on your resume
8. Don’t talk trash about your old job or co-workers
9. Don’t focus on the perks — showcase how amazing you are instead
10. Don’t forget you’re awesome! Be prepared, and let your personality shine. Don’t be timid and weak; however, don’t be too overly confident or aggressive however. Don’t try and dominate the conversation — let them lead. Shake their hand and look them in the eye.

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