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Marc Acardipane on Hardcore Techno, Aliases and Longevity | Red Bull Music Academy

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Electronic music pioneer Marc Acardipane, AKA The Mover, recalls the early years of PCP, hardcore techno and his many aliases and reflects on his creative approach and the lessons learnt from excess and the music industry in his 2018 Red Bull Music Academy lecture. #techno #frankfurt #RBMA

Speaking at the Red Bull Music Academy Berlin 2018, Acardipane recalled the early years of PCP, hardcore techno and his many aliases and reflected on his creative approach and the lessons learned from excess and the music industry.

#MarcAcardipane #TechnoMusic #RedBullMusicAcademy

2:16 – Discovering techno and hip-hop influences
10:00 – Sven Väth, creating aliases and making “9mm Is A Classic”
17:44 – First studio setup and using limitations
24:20 – Using the MPC to compose and perform
29:33 – Meeting Lenny D, the making of “We Have Arrived” and the Aphex Twin remixes
41:00 – Rising popularity at home and abroad, live shows and diss tracks
1:08:10 – Learning the lessons of excess and the politics of music

7:28 – PCP interview filmed inside Music Hall in Frankfurt, January 1990
15:24 – Ace The Space – “9mm Is A Classic”
16:30 – 45 King – “The 900 Number (Acapella)”
33:12 – Mescalinum United – “We Have Arrived”
37:14 – The Mover – “Reflections of 2017”
47:18 – PCP live at Mayday, April 30th, 1993
52:38 – The Mover live in Rome, 2005
54:25 – The Mover – “Into The Wasteland”
1:07:53 – Pilldriver – “Pitchiker”
1:15:49 – Marshall Masters – “I Like It Loud”
1:17:15 – Scooter vs Marc Acardipane & Ultimate MC – “Maria (I Like It Loud)”

German producer/DJ Marc Acardipane is a man of many aliases. Chief among them is The Mover, under which he creates weighty, deceptively simple electronic music that sits at the intersection of hardcore and techno. No matter the name, he’s weathered the peaks and valleys of an over 30-year career. That career began in 1989 when he and Thorsten Lambart founded the label and electronic music group Planet Core Productions (PCP).
At the peak of the hardcore scene in the ’90s, Acardipane tracks “Stereo Murder” (as Marshall Masters) and “Six Million Ways to Die” (as Turbulence) played in clubs all over the Netherlands. Then, in 2003, he teamed up with Scooter for a remix of the 1997 track “I Like It Loud,” which hit the Top 40 charts in Austria, Germany and Hungary. Recognized by some as one of electronic music’s most unsung heroes, Acardipane’s popularity has continued to wax and wane in the years since. Following the newly mastered reissue of 2002’s _Frontal Frustrations_ and his latest release as The Mover, _Undetected Act from the Gloom Chamber_, Acardipane may finally get his proper due.

Red Bull Music Academy is the educational pillar of the Red Bull Music program. It is a global institution that for 20 years has been committed to fostering creativity in music by collaborating with those who are shaping our musical landscape and creating spaces for music makers to learn and immerse themselves.

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