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What is Stoner Rock? Feat. Sleep, Black Sabbath, Bongzilla, Kyuss & More

Christina Rowatt alongside Bongzilla’s Mike Makela talks to bands including Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Down, Monster Magnet and Sleep (with a brief guest appearance from Geezer Butler and Ronnie James Dio) about what stoner rock means, where it came from and what is special about the people who love it and make it.

The bastard child of stolen Seventies music, stoner rock arose in the Nineties via many of these artists. As we approach the Roaring Twenties, stoner rock has continued its slow burn world takeover.

The global love is unsurprising. Stoner rock’s dirty, fuzzed out, downtuned, heartfelt yet visceral sound is the perfect antidote to the artificial and soulless pop blared at us every day. The focus on truth in song also draws a certain kind of human. Edited, produced and hosted by Christina Rowatt.

Latest Posts


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