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ANTI-FLAG Choose The Icons of Punk Rock that THEY Think Helped Define the Genre


There’s one ’70s punk icon that Anti-Flag all agree is a badass

America’s veteran politi-punks weigh in on punk icons who should be immortalized. Just not on Mount Rushmore.

High-powered punks Anti-Flag recently celebrated the release of their documentary, Beyond Barricades: The Story Of Anti-Flag. Over the course of nearly three decades, the Pittsburgh-based punks have opened ears, eyes and hearts across the world with their political consciousness. While their tenure in the punk scene is certainly noteworthy, we asked them to weigh in on the punk icons before them.

Editor In Chief Paige Owens asked the members of Anti-Flag to run down some of the punk icons they felt should be included in some kind of Mount Rushmore monument. As with most conversations with Anti-Flag, you tend to find out something new. In this case, we got a microlesson in both history and its role in these modern times. Fortunately, it didn’t mar the intention of the interview, which was to show respect to the artists who cleared punk’s path with their own six-stringed machetes. Check out the video or read the interview below to find out who Justin Sane thinks is “the coolest person in the world” and the person they unilaterally describe as “a badass.”

JUSTIN SANE: It’s really important for us when we talk about Mount Rushmore at all to back up a little bit and think about the idea that America has invaded, and these invaders killed almost all of us. And then after they do that, they push us on to the most uninhabitable land that still exists on the continent. And then to add insult to injury, they carved the faces of the leaders of their empire, and their colonists, into the Washington Monument or into the Statue Of Liberty. That’s what Mount Rushmore is. Mount Rushmore was sacred ground to the Lakota Sioux Nation. And it’s a racist monument. The architect was a white supremacist and someone who was very invested in furthering the cause of white supremacy. So it’s important that we just mention that. I’m personally like, “Blow those faces the fuck off that mountain and give it back to the Lakota Sioux.” It’s theirs. So that’s an important point for us to make.
Now, that said, I get that AP is just trying to have some fun here. And I think it is really a cool idea to think about who would be our four icons of punk that we’d chisel into the face of CBGB or Mount Rushmore, for example.

You can check out the Anti-Flag documentary, Beyond Barricades, via video on demand Oct. 16 and on DVD Nov. 6.

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