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Sama’ Abdulhadi: The Palestinian techno queen blasting around the globe

A portrait of Sama’ Abuldhadi – the Palestinian techno queen, blasting around the globe. An emblematic artist of the Palestinian underground scene, Abuldhadi is one of the first DJs and electronic music producers to emerge from the region.

Jan Beddegenoodts is a director & documentary filmmaker with a background as a photographer. The last 10 years he has been creating films about resistance, rave and transformational festival culture and everything in between art and activism. His work zooms in on a micro-reality to bring urgent matters to a worldwide audience.

Produced by Cameltown
Producer Jos de Putter
Director of Photography Jan Beddegenoodts
Sound Jan Beddegenoodts
Editor Jan Beddegenoodts


Written by Alex Stein
Performed by Alex Stein
Courtesy of Senso Sounds
Published by Motor Songs

Written by Sama’ Abdulhadi
Performed by Sama’ Abdulhadi
Courtesy of Sama’  Abdulhadi
Published by Copyright Control

Written by Dimpy Singh and Kyoko Singh
Performed by Drunken Kong
Courtesy of Octopus Recordings
Published by Create Music Group / Tronic Ltd

‘No War’
Written by Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer
Performed by Ame
Courtesy of Innervisions
Published by Innervisions

‘Hidden T’
Written by Enrico Sangiuliano
Performed by Enrico Sangiuliano
Courtesy of Wixen Music UK obo Drumcode
Published by Dipiu Music

‘Bayna Ban’
Written by Tareq El-Jundi
Performed by Tareq El-Jundi
Courtesy of Mostakell Records
Published by AWYAV Music

‘Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese’
Written by Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe
Performed by Extrawelt
Courtesy of Traum Schallplatten
Published by Copyright Control

Written by Kamel Badarni
Performed by SAWT
Courtesy of Harara Records / Kamel Badarni
Published by Harara Records

‘Amalthea – Kevinde Vries Version’
Written by Frederik Laaser
Performed by The Reason Y
Courtesy of Terminal M
Published by Copyright Control

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