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@Techno Gamerz’s Struggles, YouTube Journey, Untold Stories, Music, Competition, Income & More πŸŽ™

@Techno Gamerz is on @Stories With Rusty where Ujjwal from Techno Gamers talk about his Gaming Experience, catering to an audience of 12 million, his Personality, life after Pubg launch, Family and Friends, connecting with other YouTubers, and much more.

Stick around the end where @Ujjwal shares some really great Secrets and Tips to make it big on Youtube & Life.

#TechnoGamerz #Ujjwal #storieswithrusty

In this video:

00:00 // Intro
02:15 // How Ujjwal Gamer Started
14:22 // Family Support
16:07 // How does it feel to have a 12 Milion Audience
21:25 // Realization to create unique content
27:30 // Ujjwal’s Audience
31:40 // Parents Reaction on Gaming
35:57 // Being recognized in public & Connecting with Audience
42:20 // Things Ujjwal do other than Gaming
50:35 // Money from Youtube
55:58 // Family Relations
57:29 // Future Plans
1:04:07 // School Life
1:05:13 // What is Failure according to Ujjwal
1:10:00 // Fake Channel Controversy
1:12:26 // Hiring Editor
1:17:00 // Views on Vlogging
1:26:05 // Concluding Thoughts


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