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Ronnie James Dio – Interview, Radio Trent, England (1981)

Yes, you’ve guessed it, guessed it, I found a cassette with not much information on the label and found a great interview with Ronnie on Radio Trent Nottingham by Graham Neale.
Recorded on the last leg of the Heaven & Hell tour at Bingley Hall, Stafford, England, 25th January 1981.
This is a home recording as the radio is not fully tuned in and it’s on AM frequency. I have edited out the music, a few seconds gap where there was a drop out and tried to edit out as much background noise as possible without destroying the already low quality sound.
I have dropped in a Polaroid photo of Ronnie and one of Geoff from the archive. I don’t have the facility to edit out picture blemishes at the moment.
I hope you enjoy the interview.

Notes: The Ronnie, Polaroid I inserted may have been taken in the kitchen of the house in Bel Air or the house in Florida where they stayed while recording Heaven & Hell at Criteria Studios.
Also note the the arm of someone holding a Tomato Ketchup bottle in the foreground. It may have been Geoff’s arm as anyone who knew him well could tell you that he was a Ketchup addict. He smothered every meal in it.

Thanks for watching and listening.

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