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KK Downing Interview on Judas Priest, new album, Iron Maiden, Al Atkins & more

In this interview episode the legendary KK Downing – the guitar player and the co-founder of Judas Priest and KK’s Priest speaks about the new KK’s Priest album Sermons of the Sinner and how was it writing an entire album by himself, without Glenn Tipton and Rob Halford. KK Downing also discusses how he felt after he left Judas Priest, what kept him busy during the past decade and wether he has any regrets for leaving Judas Priest back in 2011.
KK Downing also shares his thoughts on David Ellefson and wether he ever invited him to join KK’s Priest, as well as how KK decided to invite Tony Newton to the band, who has previously played together with Richie Faulkner in Deeds and Voodoo Six. In addition KK Downing talks about rivalry between the Heavy Metal bands, mainly talking about Iron Maiden, Steve Harris and Paul Di’Anno, and opens up about wether he would accept the invitation for KK’s Priest to share the stage with Iron Maiden at some point. While speaking about live tours with KK’s Priest KK also talks about Les Binks and wether the fans can expect Al Atkins (Judas Priest’s first vocalist) to perform with the band live.
KK also reflects on his career in Heavy Metal and shares some of the funniest stories which happened to him with Judas Priest on tour during his 50-year-long career. And of course, remembers the favourite riffs and solos he’s written during this time.

Please share YOUR thoughts and expectation about the upcoming debut album by KK’s Priest Sermons of the Sinner in the comments section below, and wether you plan on seeing KK’s Priest live on tour some time next year. And please remember that this interview is part of the Defenders of the Faith Series in which we explore some lesser known interesting facts about Judas Priest, the band’s albums, current and past band members and all things Judas Priest.

00:00 – Intro / Sermons of the Sinner
03:45 – Regrets
05:29 – The thrill
07:12 – No rules
10:36 – Favourite child
12:43 – Les Binks & Al Atkins
14:09 – Rivalry
16:26 – Tony Newton & Dave Ellefson
19:32 – If not Priest
21:53 – KK’s Priest live
24:28 – What happens on tour…
27:09 – To all the Metal Pilgrims


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